All Attendees Must be Registered to Participate in the 2020 HAS. Pre-Registration is open 8/15/19-5/15/19

On Site Registration Will Be Based on Ticket Availability


Professionals in various fields of study and business will be providing seminars, workshops or demonstrations each hour. Email us for more information or a Presenters application for 2020

Total Wellbeing is the Optimal Quality of Life = Complete Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional & Social Health

The Holistic Awareness Symposium is an all encompassing approach to Total Wellbeing. What is it? How to achieve it? This light-hearted & fun, hands on, informal question and answer series of presentations classes and workshops will cover a variety of topics, from environmental to personal health and tips on how to bring your body, mind and spirit into balance.

Bring an open heart, able body and thirst for knowledge and you will leave feeling lifted with a fresh attitude

Eric Hovland

"Shark Guy" - Florida Aquarium

Colette Florido

Pure CBD - CR World

Arnaldo Velasquez LMT

TIM - Sound Modality Healing

CR World

Pure Hemp Infused CBD Products

The Compass Spa

Event Sponsor & Therapeutic & Holistic Spa Therapy

Registration Includes:

Attendee Welcome Gift*, Access to All Presentations and Workshops, Vendor Showcase and assorted Beverages in the open area. Additional Food & Beverages May be Purchased from the Bay Club 806/Tiki

Miss Raina

5 Principles - Transcendental Development

Phytotanics Herbothecary

CustomFusion Organic Products

Krystine Kuecha CTN

Aromatherapist - Phytotanics CustomFusion

  • Body Wellness & Stress Management
  • Intuitive Enlightenment & Workshops
  • Energy & Health Balance Demo
  • Environmental Presentation
  • Personal Care Workshop & Tips
  • Fun Hands on Workshops

The All Encompasing Approach to Total Health - Environmental & Personal

"The Holistic Approach to life is not only about your personal health, but how your Awareness affects your surroundings and the total health of all things.

Physiological, Eco & Social applications make a tremendous impact on your daily life and Total Wellbeing"

Join Us to Be Enlightened

-K.Kuecha (founder)

* Welcome Gift is limited to the first 100 pre-registerd attendees

Florida Aquarium

Premiere Eco Imersion Experiences


A Portion of Your Registration Fee Will Go to Local Eco-Conscious Programs - Tune in Post Event to See Where Your Dollars Went


Vendors space is available for suitable businesses in the Eco, Wellness and Metaphysical Industries. Email us for more information or a Venfors application for 2020