Meditation & Journaling

Victoria Downing dicsusses the profound effects of meditation and journaling for self awareness and development of passion and balance in your daily life

Dr. Suzanne Demers

Miss Candice Rasa demonstartes the connection to your Asashci Records and why the ability to "Read" them is crucial for peace and understanding

Magical Sound Healing

Arnaldo explained the technical aspects of Sound Waves & Healing Therapy while attendees were able to experience the intensity of the Vibrational Energy

Thank you to all of our attendees. Please share your experience with friends and we look forward to seeing you next year. Be sure to Register early to save $10. Next years event will be have ticket limitations

"I really enjoyed the different experiences and educators during the day. I was exposed to thhings I have never heard before and the vibe throughtout the day was amazing. Thank you"
-Lora M.

Photos & Video from 2019 HAS

The Compass Therapy Spa
The Akasha & Channeling

We had been planning this event and were so excited to host we were there the night before until 11pm setting everything up

  • Clean Juice
  • Dr. Angel
  • Hot Worx
  • Oceans of Images
  • CR World
  • Tampa Yoga Therapy
  • The Beautiful World Within
  • Transindental Transformation
  • Florida Aquarium
  • Phytotanics
  • Rasa Healing Services

Thank you to all of our incredible presenters and vendors for making this a successful event.

If you enjoyed the music during the 2019 HAS you can download and share it on the free Spotify app