Susanne Demers D.O.

Seagate Chiropractic - Maxliving Health Center

Eric Hovland

"Shark Guy" - Florida Aquarium

Colette Florido

Pure CBD - CR World

Angel Falzone PhD

Psychotherapy - Dr. Angel's Development

Arnaldo Velasquez LMT

TIM - Sound Modality Healing

CR World

Pure Hemp Infused CBD Products

The Compass Spa

Event Sponsor & Therapeutic & Holistic Spa Therapy

Honeymoons and More

Eco Travel

Miss Raina

5 Principles - Transcendental Development


CustomFusion Organic Products

Justin Fontanini DOM AP

Natural Therapies - Accupuncture

A Portion of Your Registration Fee Went to the following 4Star Local Eco-Conscious & Animal Protection Programs:

Everglades Foundation

Big Cat Rescue

Environmental Programs

Krystine Kuecha CTN

Aromatherapist - Phytotanics CustomFusion

Angel Falzone PhD

Dr. Angel's Development

Natural Cleaning Products

  • Body Wellness & Stress Management
  • Intuitive Enlightenment & Workshops
  • Energy & Health Balance Demo
  • Environmental Presentation
  • Personal Care Workshop & Tips
  • Fun Hands on Workshops


Seagate Chiropractic


Infrared Studio Workouts

Candice Rasa LCSW

Group Channeling - Rasa Healing LLC

"Thank you to all of the attendees, Presenters and Vendors at the 2019 HAS. we apprciate all of the enthusiasm and positive feedback we have received and eagerly anticipate next years event. Join us on june 14th to be enlightened again with even more extrordinary workshops and seminars."

-K.Kuecha (founder)

Victoria Downing

The Beautiful World Within - Journaling & Yoga Nidra

Victoria Downing

The Beautiful World Within

Dr. Christopher Hood

Natural Hormone Balance

Oceans of Images

Wearables - Eco Themed

Tish Ganey

Art & Science of Yoga Therapy

Clean Juice

Fresh Wholesome Juices

Florida Aquarium

Premiere Eco Imersion Experiences

Nova Luxe Yachts

Luxury Solar Powered Boating

Tampa Yoga Therapy

Yoga at its Best - You at Your Best

Jen Blossom

Floral Parties - Custom Party Planning

Ellen LaVielle

Fitness in a HotWorx Studio